Staying Healthy in the New Year with FLINTSTONES

The new year always makes me excited. After a month full of eating pigging out in December I’m excited to get back to healthy eating and making mealtime fun for the entire family – especially the kids.

I’m on the hunt for some more reusable lunch containers and have been obsessed with researching juicing/blender recipes as well looking up recipes for new items to add to the kids’ breakfast box.

Our entire family lacks the morning person gene – we are cranky and generally walking around like zombies at 8AM and it takes a bit of motivation to get the kids to eat their breakfast in a timely fashion.

Our motivation strategy comes in the form of a gummy.


We use vitamin gummies to get the kids out the door on time for school and daycare. Yes, one of the few times we will bribe our kids with food.

Finish your breakfast quickly, you get a vitamin!

It works like a charm especially with our 2 year old who asks for it as soon as he sits down at the kitchen table.

Every Monday to Friday, this is what happens:

“Mommy, eat gummy now?”

“Not yet. Eat your breakfast first.”

“Awwwwwwwwww……. OK. I eat. Mommy put gummy here.” and points to an empty spot in his breakfast box container.

Does this happen at your house?

A new survey commissioned by Bayer Healthcare Consumer Care shows that

  • 67 per cent of Canadian moms with kids 10 and under say healthy meals for their kids are often compromised because of busy and hectic schedules;
  • 55 per cent of moms agreed their kids are getting enough vitamin A, while only 41 per cent said their kids are getting enough zinc.  Both of these help to maintain healthy immune function;
  • Almost two thirds of moms agreed that they have added other ingredients to vegetables to make them taste better.

Win a Family Fun Prize Pack

To help celebrate the recent launch of FLINSTONES Gummies Plus Immunity Support in Canada, one lucky Along Came Kids reader (and family) will win their choice of a fun Toronto activity prize pack!

Choose from one of these fabulous prizes:

Option #1: A day at the Royal Ontario Museum

Go back to the Stone Age and learn about the dinosaurs who roamed the earth at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Prize Includes:

  • Family pack of tickets to the ROM
  • Food delivery of smoothie ingredients from Grocery Gateway (We’ll provide a recipe too!)

Option #2: Bowling Fun 
Travel back to the Stone Age and enjoy Fred & Barney’s favourite pastime – Bowling! Bring the family to Bathurst Bowlerama at Bathurst and Lawrence where you can have fun with the whole family.

Prize Includes:

  • 2 hours of bowling for the whole family!
  • Food delivery of smoothie ingredients from Grocery Gateway (We’ll provide a recipe too!)

Option #3: Ontario Science Centre
Bring the family together to learn about science at the Ontario Science Centre! The Science Centre delights, informs and entertains families of all ages.

Option #4: Healthy Dinner, Made Quick
Moms everywhere know that hectic schedules can impact feeding their families nutritious and balanced meals.

This Healthy Dinner, Made Quick package includes a delivery from Grocery Gateway (a grocery delivery service serving the entire Greater Toronto Area) and three to four simple, quick and delicious recipes that can be made in 20 minutes or less.

Transportation is not included for prizes 1, 2 or 3.

Use the form below to enter.  Giveaway ends Friday January 24, 2014 11:59PM.

Good Luck!

*Disclosure: My family received tickets to the ROM for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Darlene Schuller says

    I don’t really worry about them eating healthy. My children were never allowed pop, chocolate, candy, junk food on a regular basis.. snacks have always been fruits/yogurt,/granola bars/crackers & cheese etc.

  2. Lil mamma says

    My little one loves fruits and veggies so its easy. However we do use vitamins and candy as reward for her to eat the other things she doesn’t want to eat.

  3. SweetPanda says

    We only keep a small amount of chocolate cookies at home, no other junk food for them or for us at all. We only eat regular meals and normally their snacks will be fruits. Lucky that my DS loves carrots and a lot of other fruits so I don’t have to worry about him. But my DD does not like to try new food so I try to think of different ways to encourage her to try different veggies and fruits. My kids take vitamins daily and I try to get them run around the house more often as their daily exercise.

  4. Sarai says

    I make sure she eats plenty of fruits, give her vitamins, wash her hands, and drink plenty of water and get enough rest

  5. Viv Sluys says

    I teach them about food and encourage them to play hard. They love fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese, meat & fish. Very balanced eaters! We hike and swim and try to keep active.

  6. andie says

    We do give them vitamins everyday and I encourage them to head outside to play in the yard until supper time, if they’re up for it after school. They are NOT getting the supposed “required” gym time in school – disappointing.

  7. Maggie says

    I make sure that he eats a variety of healthy foods, gets outside every day and give him vitamin D drops in the winter. He is just 17 months old so I don’t give him any multivitamins yet.

  8. Crystal Englot says

    I try to keep my son healthy by making sure he is eating healthy meals, getting plenty of sleep and lots of fresh air and exercise.

  9. charityk says

    i try to think about the big picture when i feed them so i can keep their intake of veggies fruits protiens grains balanced..or at least i try

  10. Pauline Milner says

    Our family eats well balanced meals and get the right amount of servings of food per group every day. We also love outdoor sports and are very active. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  11. sarah sar says

    I make sure they stay active year round…I get them to sign up for soccer and ice hockey. They just love sports!

  12. Jennifer L. says

    I give my son fresh carrot juice in the morning and sneak in as many other fresh fruits and veggies as he’ll take.