March Break with DK Canada #DKMarchBreak + Giveaway

With March Break fully upon us, so is the challenge of keeping the kids busy! Coming up with original ideas can be tough, so I often turn to other resources for ideas.

DK Canada March Break

The following DK Canada books (currently on sale for 30% off!) were the perfect accompaniment to our March Break this year:

LEGO Ideas Book and LEGO Play Book

With a husband who is obsessed with Lego and an engineer myself, Lego is one of our favourite activities to mentally engage my 4 year old.

DK Canada March Break LEGO IDEAS BOOK

The LEGO Ideas Book and LEGO Play Book attracted the attention of my older daughter immediately when I pulled them out.

The colourful pages are filled with new ways to to encourage kids to think, build, and play creatively. I particularly liked “ten-minute builds” since they worked well with my 4 year old and her limited attention span.

With builds of varying complexity, this book is great for kids and adults of all ages! My husband and I both spent time flipping through the books and are now itching to have a building session of our own.

DK Canada March Break LEGO

The stories describing the inspiration behind the ideas adds interest and brings the book to life.

The only thing I would have loved to have is more detailed step-by-step instructions as some of the more complex builds can be challenging. I’m looking forward to having a future family build day on a rainy day!

DK Canada March Break Cookbook for Girls Crafty Creatures

Cookbook for Girls

Both my girls love desserts and anything pink which makes Cookbook for Girls the perfect book for both them. While I try to limit the amount of sugary treats that they consume, I reassure myself that cooking your own tea party sweets is healthier than buying off-the-shelf desserts.

Cooking also teaches kids basic skills of measuring, pouring and mixing. Leah has really enjoyed cracking eggs recently and Norah is obsessed with stirring! Masterchef Juniors, look out!

Crafty Creatures

Since my daughter has very impressive fine motor skills, I’ve been thinking of introducing her to more complex crafts.

Crafty Creatures is the perfect book to start our venture into this territory, with  helpful templates and patterns alongside basic sewing techniques. The pages are filled with adorable craft ideas, each accompanied by simple simple step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs to make sure everyone can accomplish any project in the book. Cuteness overload!

Win 2 Books from DK Canada

Want some books to add to your kids’ bookshelves? One lucky Along Came Kids reader will win Cookbook for Girls and Crafty Creatures from DK Canada.

Please use the form below to enter. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only and ends on Wednesday March 26, 2014 11:59PM EST.


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