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Bring On the Extracurricular Activities!…

With the new school year quickly approaching, my husband and I are also deciding which activities our kids will be enrolling in. Each season we try to pick one sport and one creative class for them to focus on. Swimming, skating, soccer, and karate are the usual sports that we rotate through. Painting, arts & crafts,… 

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Last Minute Adventures Before School Starts #StreamTeam

Netflix StreamTeam August Adventures

School starts right after Labour Day here so we have been squeezing in as many summer adventures as we possibly can before the long weekend. We've done the typical touristy stuff in Toronto in between shopping trips for school supplies and cleaning. I had to make back to school shopping seem somewhat fun for my two kids - they're enjoying the lazy days of summer and aren't looking forward to earlier bedtimes in a few days. How are you spending the last few days of summer vacation? Are … [Read More...]

Easy Meals with Life Choices

Life Choices Product Review

One of the struggles I have as a working mom is feeding my kids healthy meals, especially when it comes to "convenience" foods. Any parent knows what I mean-- there are days where you need to put together a quick meal from something in the freezer/pantry plus something for those spontaneous summer night BBQs. Once in awhile, you need a little help. I've recently been enjoying the help offered to me by Life Choices when they sent me a cooler bag filled with their best products. It has … [Read More...]

Michael Smith’s Family Meals Cookbook Review

Michael Smith Family Meals Cookbook Review

I've been trying to flex my muscles in the kitchen more lately. Taking small steps to becoming more independent in cooking for my family and learning those foundational cooking techniques. I'm finding that once you break through the intimidating barrier, cooking is mostly about practice and understanding the basic principles that produce tasty food. That is why I've always loved chef Michael Smith. His cooking style is very approachable for the home cook and his shows always make me … [Read More...]

Spa Time for Our Family Dog at PetSmart

PetSmart Buddies for Life

I don’t mention her much on this blog but a very important member of our family is our dog. She’s an English Bulldog and has been bringing us tons of joy (and shedding all over our furniture) for the past 8 years. BFFs from the very beginning. She runs to the kids and stands by… 

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Learning About the World Around Us with DK Eyewitness

DK Eyewitness Covers

One of the things I remember about being a kid is spending hours pouring over books. First it was picture books, followed by paperback series, and then as my reading level improved, non-fiction books. My favourite type of non-fiction was those illustrated, glossy, large-format books. It was the combination of interesting facts and captivating visuals… 

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Half Way Through Summer #StreamTeam

Canada Inspired Netflix Shows for Kids

Hello! It’s been quiet around here as my family has been enjoying a ton of outdoor time and just hanging out – celebrating our country all month long. We’ve travelled to some popular local destinations, watched fireworks on July 1, hitting up all the food festivals in the neighbourhood and are usually at the park… 

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How to Make a Healthy Snack in 10 Seconds or Less #PROTINIS

PROTINIS How to Make a Healthy Snack

Two weeks into summer vacation and I am exhausted. I know I said this was going to be a slower summer. Unfortunately I thought not signing the kids up for day camp meant we’d stay at home and just hang out. No, this isn’t possible for a toddler and a kindergartener. Seems like other parents… 

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